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  • DetailXPerts of Scottsdale/PHX Is Here!

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  • Mobile Truck Washing

    Shiny Trucks Inside And Out
    Keep your truck clean and sanitized the eco-friendly way
  • Quality Detailing in Scottsdale/PHX

    Experience the DetailXPerts Difference
    Cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, and more!
  • We Are Mobile!

    We Bring The Eco Auto Spa To You!
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  • Fleet Services

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Welcome to DetailXPerts of Scottsdale/PHX!

What does the best car wash in Scottsdale AZ mean to you?

Here at DetailXPerts of Scottsdale/PHX, we do more than just clean vehicles. We help sustain Arizona's natural environment by using a very minimal amount of water and all-organic cleaning products. So, you get your showroom-shiny vehicle without the guilt of wasting water or polluting the waterways.

How do we do that?

This Scottsdale car wash uses a unique steam methodology that lifts and dissolves all types of contaminants from vehicle surfaces. Try it and be amazed at how it works!

Our Services:

Mobile Truck Wash

Why waste time and effort taking your truck to a wash when we can come to you? After we're done with your prized possession, you'll see it sparkle and shine, inside and out, like never before!

Hand Car Wash

Love your car but don't have time to care for it? Just give us a call and well wash your car by hand as if it was our own.


No need to fret if you have a fleet! We can help you save valuable time, money and effort so you can save more! We'll clean your fleet as neat as a pin to keep your drivers and passengers healthy and safe. That spells more profits for you. Go for our regular detailing package and you even get to save more!

Interior Detailing

Did you know that vehicle's interior should be more spic and span than the exterior? It's because unremoved leftover food, spills and stains can become breeding grounds of toxic germs and bacteria that can threaten your health and well-being and that of your passengers too.

Engine Detailing

Why have your engine detailed? It's because a clean one can save you from accidents brought about by engine fires. Not to mention that a grime-free, mud-free engine functions better and lasts longer too!

Aviation Detailing

Airplanes, helicopters, and any vehicles that fly need to be professionally detailed periodically to help them withstand the stresses of nature's elements. But why do it yourself when we can take care of your prized possession the way you do?

Schedule an appointment today and start enjoying the unique detailing experience that DetailXPerts of Scottsdale/PHX can bring!

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Hours :

8 am - 6 pm (Mon-Fri)

8 am - 5 pm (Sat)