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  • Mobile Truck Washing

    Shiny Trucks Inside And Out
    Keep your truck clean and sanitized the eco-friendly way
  • Quality Detailing in Houston Northeast

    Experience the DetailXPerts Difference
    Cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, and more!
  • We Are Mobile!

    We Bring The Eco Auto Spa To You!
    Your time, your location, our expert detailing services
  • Fleet Services

    Save Drivers' Time and Resources
    Discounts available

Welcome to DetailXPerts of Houston North East!

DetailXPerts of Houston Northeast, your local hand car wash, keeps the waters safe while providing you with a superior detailing experience by using a unique, proven and effective steam methodology for cleaning all types of vehicles.

Our process uses a very minimal amount of water and organic materials so it virtually leaves no chemical runoff that can pollute our storm drains and other sources of water.

Rest assured that your ride will be cared for by uniformed, friendly and polite highly-trained detailers who won't stop at nothing until they get that ultimate clean DetailXPerts is famous for.

Here's what they say about us.

Call us today at 281-571-3665. Together, we can create a greener Houston that has safe drinking water and sparklingly shiny vehicles.

Our Services:

Hand Car Wash

Why do some people want their cars hand washed? It's because they know the benefits it can provide to their prized possessions - beauty, safety, durability and better functionality. With us, you'll have all these benefits plus the added advantage of comfort and convenience - because we can come to you.

Interior Detailing

Too busy to give your interior a thorough clean up? Allow us to do it for you. We steam clean everything and all the areas in between, leaving you an interior that's ultra clean, germ-free, and fresh-smelling too. And because we only use water and specially created organic cleaning materials, you and your loved ones will be safe from the toxic residues of chemically-laden products.

Trailer Washout

Our trailer washout service is just what you need to keep your merchandise safe and your customers happy. Our steam cleaners are merciless to germs and bacteria but kind to your painted surfaces.

Truck Washing Services

Cleaning a truck is a huge ordeal, right? Leave it to us so you can focus on being great! We'll gladly clean everything, inside and out. Our three-step process is guaranteed to remove all the mud, grit and grime from your truck at only a fraction of the time it will take if you do it on your own.

Fleet Washing Services

Running a fleet of vehicles is by no means cheap and easy - and we understand that. That's why we want to help you out. We'll clean your fleet the DetailXPerts way - super clean and fresh-smelling inside, showroom-shiny outside. Now, that will keep your drivers and customers happy, don't you think? AND - we offer discounts to our regulars too!

Call us now at 281-571-3665 and experience what a DetailXPerts clean is all about.

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8 am - 6 pm (Tue-Fri)

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